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Few scientific questions generate as much intrigue and political turmoil as the origins of sexual orientation. Is there a clear genetic or hormonal link to sexual orientation that indicates gay people are, in the words of Lady Gaga, "Born This Way"? Can we ever know if same-sex attraction is determined before birth? Is this a question that should even be asked?

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No conclusive evidence has been found to settle the debate.
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The word is still out on genetics

There has been no conclusive evidence either way.

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In order to draw any conclusions on genetics, studies need to be carried out across a broad section of the population on a vast scale to accurately identify a genetic link. None of the genetic studies carried out so far has met these criteria.

The Argument

Over the last few decades, every genetic study looking at the link between genetics and sexual orientation has only had several hundred participants at the most. They have also looked almost exclusively at men. This data set is not large enough or diverse enough to generate any conclusive findings.[1] The only study on the subject that examined several hundred thousand genomes was skewed heavily in favour of U.S. and European men. The study found genetics played almost no role in sexual behaviour, but the lack of diversity among the participants means we can’t draw firm conclusions.

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[P1] The evidence on whether people are born gay has been inconclusive. [P2] Therefore, it is impossible to say with any certainty whether people are born gay or not.

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