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Theodicy is the name given to reconciling the existence of God as a divine, benevolent, omnipotent being with the existence of evil. The existence of evil appears to contradict the existence of God. If an all-powerful, all-good being existed, then why would they permit evil in the world? The existence of evil must confirm that God is either not omnipotent, not benevolent, or non-existent. Theodicy attempts to answer the basic question of why God permits evil.

Theodicy supports the existence of an all-powerful, benevolent God Show more Show less

The study of Theodicy effectively defends the existence of a benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient God.
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Anything God creates is imperfect

Anything that is not God is by definition imperfect.

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God is perfect. Therefore, anything that differs from God is imperfect. Therefore, anything God creates must be imperfect, because it is not God.

The Argument

Evil is the logical outcome of God’s creations. God is perfect. Therefore, anything that differs from God in any way must be imperfect. When God creates, God does not create things that are identical to God. Therefore, everything must be imperfect. We attribute these imperfections to evil. The only way God could avoid creating evil is if God didn’t create anything at all. In this sense, evil is an unavoidable outcome of God’s existence, but it is not his essence. That is to say, God has not ordained evil, nor does he approve of evil, but through the process of creation, evil is a logical outcome. [1] The nature of randomness and chaos appeals to this argument. Random erratic movements that go against the natural order demonstrate that nothing can be created in God’s own “perfect” image. When God creates, there is always the margin for imperfection and randomness. This chaos, or randomness, is where the margin for evil sits.

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[P1] God is perfect. [P2] Therefore, everything else is imperfect. [P3] When God creates, he must create imperfect things. [P4] Therefore, because of the nature of perfection and God, there will always be the margin for evil.

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