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What are the pros and cons of political correctness? Show more Show less

Does PC culture stagnate a society’s progression, or does it set better more inclusive terms for everyone?. Is political correctness useful? Has political correctness gone too far?

No - Political Correctness is necessary and useful in our society Show more Show less

Political correctness defines society’s boundaries and ensures the safety of minority groups
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Political correctness ensures that respect is maintained in debate

Political correctness is needed in order to have a civilised debate.

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The Argument

Respect and politeness are crucial in constructive debate. If offensive language is condoned in the media and in our society, then ideas polarise very quickly and risk turning violent. If debate is not respectful then there is no point in it. The point of discussion is learning from one another. Without respect, the argument becomes two people trying to validate their opinion without being openminded. If we are not openminded we cannot function in a democracy.

Counter arguments

Political correctness doesn’t stop controversial ideas turning violent - censorship does. Political correctness merely softens the language used to express ideas, which in effect is not very significant


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