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Should surrogacy be legal? Show more Show less

Surrogacy is the carrying through pregnancy until birth of one couple's or individual's child by someone else. The science has advanced significantly in this area allowing for the choice of surrogacy as an option for many potential parents. Most countries have unclear legislation about surrogacy. Should surrogacy be legalized? Under what conditions should surrogacy be legal?

Yes. Surrogacy should be legal. Show more Show less

Everybody should have access to parenthood and women can decide what they do with they bodies.
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Surrogacy is about a woman's body, her rules, and her choice.

Women can dispose of their bodies freely, even if it is to sell it.

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The bodies of women have long been political battlegrounds subject to laws on what women can and cannot do with their bodies.

The Argument

Women should have full control of their bodies, and this includes being able to sell services associated with it. There is no intrinsic reason that selling the use of one's womb is wrong. Surrogacy allows women to choose. This can be because of financial gain or due to the pleasure that comes from an altruistic act. The state should not act to get rid of this choice.

Counter arguments

Women should not be able to sell their bodies and to do so is immovably exploitative and wrong. An act that serves to exploit women is not a truly free choice - it is an act of exploitation that should not be allowed.


[P1] Women should be allowed autonomy over what they do with their bodies. [P2] Women should be allowed to choose surrogacy, either altruistically or for financial gain, if they so choose.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Women who enter into surrogacy do not do so entirely out of free will, a woman cannot freely 'choose' something which is inherently exploitative.


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