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Who should be the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee? Show more Show less

The Democrats are preparing to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 US Presidential election. The current field is filled with contenders who vary on policy and vision to take the US forward. So, who are the possible top candidates? What are their policies and what do they represent? And could they beat Donald Trump in an election?

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What does Andrew Yang stand for? Yang's innovative Universal Basic Income policy is the push towards equality America needs.
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Andrew Yang understands the importance of tech

Yang has considerable experience in the technology sector, and understands how important it is for the future of the economy.

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As technology rapidly advances, the job economy struggles to keep up, meaning that jobs are increasingly replaced through automation.

The Argument

As more and more jobs disappear due to automation,[1] it is vital that America has a strong plan to combat this and ensure those whose jobs will be replaced have an alternative path. Additionally, Yang wants to regulate the social media companies that currently run riot, both in terms of the meteoric rise of social media use and their unrestrained economic structure.[2]

Counter arguments

While automation and technology certainly present extremely pressing issues for politicians, it is not enough to only consider this as a platform. The Democratic nominee has an extremely complex task in guiding America post-2020, and automation is only one in a host of issues.


[P1] The job economy is suffering greatly due to the rise of automation. [P2] Yang is the only candidate taking this seriously. [P3] Yang should be elected as the Democratic candidate.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Yang's policies do not adequately deal with the issues presented by automation.




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