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Throughout the world, abortions and a woman's right to have them remain taboo. Despite abortion being illegal in many countries, women continue to have them, sometimes going to extreme and dangerous lengths to obtain them. Going beyond whether or not terminating a pregnancy is right or wrong, what are the pros and cons of abortion? And should abortion as a medical procedure be legal?

Abortion should be illegal. Show more Show less

Abortion should be a prosecutable offense on the grounds that it is morally and ethically wrong.
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A fetus is a person

A fetus is a living being and thus abortions are a form of murder.

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A fetus becomes a person at conception

The Argument

Murdering a person is a crime. There is no difference between killing a fetus in the womb and killing a child. Both are people and have a right to life. By taking away their life, you are committing murder. At the moment of conception, a unique genetic identity is created. This genetic identity will accompany the fetus throughout its life. Aborting a child erases this code. It is clear, therefore, that aborting a child is tantamount to murder.

Counter arguments

A fetus is not a person. It is a fetus. It is an extension of the mother. It is entirely dependent on the mother. It is connected to her via the umbilical cord. It cannot live outside the womb or independently of its mother. Therefore, it is not a human or a person. It is a part of the mother. Aborting it is no more murder than a woman having a mole removed or getting a haircut.


[P1] A foetus becomes a person at the moment of conception. [P2] Killing a person is murder and is always wrong. [P3] Therefore, aborting a foetus is always wrong.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] A foetus is not a person at conception. It becomes a person later. [Rejecting P3] Killing a foetus is not always wrong. When it saves the mother's life it is necessary.


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