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Consuming meat is a big part of some diets around the world, particularly in western food traditions. However, with production being land and resource intensive, and with a number of environmental and health impacts to consider we must ask, is eating meat justifiable?

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Exploitation of (migrant) workers

The meat industry is infamous for mistreatment of workers and violation of workers' rights.

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The Argument

Workers in the meat processing industry are in constant physical danger because of the methods that corporations make them employ. The most efficient methods and machinery are often dangerous. Most injuries and deaths could be prevented. Workers are constantly reminded of how they can be instantly replaced and are often made to work overtime to keep their jobs. We should stop eating meat and put an end to the inhumane treatment of workers in the meat industry.

Counter arguments

The meat industry is not the issue here. The issue is the misconduct of meat corporations. Instead of stopping eating meat, there needs to be more severe regulations and more frequent checks in factories in the industry. Merely terminating the industry would put thousands out of jobs and be worse for the workers.


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