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Should surrogacy be legal? Show more Show less

Surrogacy is the carrying through pregnancy until birth of one couple's or individual's child by someone else. The science has advanced significantly in this area allowing for the choice of surrogacy as an option for many potential parents. Most countries have unclear legislation about surrogacy. Should surrogacy be legalized? Under what conditions should surrogacy be legal?

It depends: surrogacy should be legal only under certain conditions. Show more Show less

Conditions regarding the surrogate mother of the prospective parents.
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Surrogacy should only be for heterosexual couples

It is unfair to deprive a child of the right to have parents of both sexes.

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Religion is often associated with anti-LGBT views, and with this comes the belief that same-sex couples should not be able to have children.

The Argument

Children who grow up in same-sex homes are worse off, and it is cruel to raise a child without both a mother and a father. By allowing surrogacy for same-sex couples, the state is encouraging a deviant home environment for children.

Counter arguments

Children of same-sex couples do not suffer. In fact they have been found to outperform children from heterosexual parents in educational settings[1] and have equal health outcomes to children from heterosexual parents[2].


[P1] Children need parents of both sexes. [P2] Allowing children to be born through surrogacy to same-sex couples is wrong.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Children do not need parents of both sexes.




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