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Does the West still value human rights in light of its dismissal of Khashoggi's death? Show more Show less

The West used to be the loudest voice advocating for human rights. But Western governments' evasive stances on the horrifying death of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi government dissident, suggest this is no longer the case. In the light of huge economic links and political turbulence, are human rights still valued in western civilization?

Hard to say, because promoting human rights globally is complicated Show more Show less

There lies an array of predicaments.
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The importance of civil vs cultural rights is debated

International norms are contradicting local cultural or social values sometimes.
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The Argument

"Western countries, especially the United States, resist international rights cooperation from a concern that it might harm business, infringe on autonomy, or limit freedom of speech. The world struggles to balance democracy's promise of human rights protection against its historically Western identification."

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