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What are the solutions to the Israel Palestine conflict? Show more Show less

What started as intercommunal violence between Israelis and Arabs in the 1920s evolved over the course of the twentieth century into a full-blown civil war and open conflict. After much bloodshed and the dawn of a new century, what would a solution to the Israel-Palestine situation look like? Is peace even a possibility for one of the world's longest-running conflicts?

There is no solution to the Israel Palestine conflict Show more Show less

The political objectives of both sides, coupled with the current political climate, mean that no solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict is available.
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Internal Palestinian divisions

Internal divisions among Palestinians make negotiations impossible.

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A body of people cannot effectively negotiate if it does not have an internal consensus. Without an internal consensus, the actors involved in negotiation cannot speak for the group and any progress achieved will only apply to the specific ideological and political contingent.

The Argument

The ideological and political aspirations of Hamas and Fatah are irreconcilable. Without a united Palestinian cause and compromise from one of the groups, there can be no peace. One part of the Palestinian cause will always be fighting for its political aspirations.[1]

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[P1] To negotiate a lasting peace, negotiators must be able to speak for the population they represent. [P2] Internal divisions among Palestinians mean there is no group that can act as a mouthpiece for the whole population. [P3] Therefore, there can be no solution without Palestinian unity.

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