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What are the solutions to the Syrian crisis? Show more Show less

The Syrian crisis is part of a wider conflict the origins of which can be traced back to the Arab Spring of 2011. The dissatisfaction of some of the countries in the Arab world with their corresponding governments had led to many anti-government protests demanding a better standard of living in countries such as Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Some of these countries were successful in creating significant regime change. However, and 9 years later with over 6.5 million nationals displaced and over half a million deaths; what solutions are there to a crisis happening in a country which has become a political playground for many belligerents?

Regional actors must delegitimise the Islamic State’s existence Show more Show less

IS has caused an extortionate number of deaths in the region as well as further displacement of Syrian nationals, which has hindered the peace process in Syria.
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All efforts to create a caliphate should be nulled

The efforts by IS to create an Islamic caliphate in the Levant was a major hindrance in the process of achieving settlement in Syria.
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Despite the conflict coming to an end in neighbouring Iraq and the liberation of Mosul in 2017, the remains of IS still pose a threat to the Syrian crisis coming to an end, as it has also managed to be successful in attracting Syrian rebel groups to penetrate their agenda.

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