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Consuming meat is a big part of some diets around the world, particularly in western food traditions. However, with production being land and resource intensive, and with a number of environmental and health impacts to consider we must ask, should we be going vegan?

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Animals do not have souls or rights

Animals are lesser beings and do not have a consciousness

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The Argument

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, animals are described to be subservient to humans. This suggests that they are in fact lesser and their purpose is to provide for humans. Animals are also seen to be soulless. For example, in Christianity, animals do not go to heaven or hell. God intended humans to use animals for food.

Counter arguments

Regardless of whether animals exist for human use, if we do not need animals, we should not harm them. They can still feel pain.


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[P1] In many religions, animals are subservient to humans and designed to be used for food.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] It does not matter what the theological significance of animals are - this does not make it acceptable it eat them.


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