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Will the Black Lives matter movement create lasting change? Show more Show less

There’s no question that the wave of protests against police violence and racial injustice across the country has had a tremendous impact. “It’s different this time” has been a frequent sentiment among historians, activists and other experts. Is it too early to tell?

No, the #BLM Protests will not create lasting change Show more Show less

Like so many movements before this one, the social injustice and systemic racism will remain long after the protests have died down.
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A backlash to the movement is inevitable

“There will be a backlash to these actions. ... That backlash may come at the ballot box, or it may come in some other indirect form. Some people aren’t interested in direct confrontation in the streets. They may simply prefer to express their opposition in a way that these protesters expect it least — businesses moving out, reluctance to hire, reluctance to visit a neighborhood, effectively abandoning a community.” — Jim Geraghty, National Review
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