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Should there be a united Ireland? Show more Show less

The status of Northern Ireland has been the subject of intense debate and decades of violence, known as the Troubles. Though Northern Ireland is now at peace, the question of whether it should remain in the United Kingdom or join the Republic of Ireland remains a source of contention. Should there be a united Ireland?

Northern Ireland should become its own independent country Show more Show less

Northern Ireland should abandon both British unionism and Irish nationalism in favour of becoming a sovereign state of its own.
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Neither Britain or Ireland have Northern Irish interests at heart

The governments in both London and Dublin view Northern Ireland as a burden. The best option would be to be independent instead.
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The Argument

The British government has long showed disdain for Northern Ireland and its interests. In a united Ireland, this would be no better, as the crippling cost of administering the region would ensure the same levels of disdain. As a result, Northern Ireland would be best off going independent so its government would truly care about its people.

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