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Few words in the English language convey such a range of meanings as the word "love". For many, love is the point of existence, for others it's the manifestation of the divine, for some it is a tool of oppression. No subject has spawned so much poetry. But what is love? Is it an animalistic urge, a mystical aspiration, a social construct, a neurological glitch, or nothing at all?

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Love is an artificial construct which oppresses women and reinforces the patriarchy.
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Love is a coping mechanism

Love is simply a societal reaction to industrialisation.
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The Argument

As society has industrialised, individuals have become increasingly alienated from their lives and communities. Romantic love has risen as "a direct response to the rise of capitalism, and serv[ing] as a counterweight to the atomism that resulted from the breakup of traditional communal forms of social life."[1] The other person in a relationship simply acts as a symbolic coping mechanism, a refuge from the daily slog of life as a worker in an industrialised society.

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[P1] The industrialisation of society cause individuals to be alienated from their communities. [P2] Individuals have found refuge from this condition in romantic love.

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