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The ever-rising costs of a university degree, coupled with increasing numbers of unemployed graduates, has left the latest generation of students pondering over whether a college education is worth it. Do the benefits of a college degree outweigh the costs?

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The value of a university education depends on several factors including the financial assistance available, the field of study and the higher educational institution.
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Whether college is worth it depends on available financial assistance

Different governments and financial providers offer different financial assistance and loan terms. These affect how much a student pays out of pocket for their university education and therefore, impacts the return on investment.
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Some governments and universities offer financial assistance or favourable loan terms to eligible students. The amount of financial assistance available to a student is a significant factor in assessing the value of a university degree.

The Argument

Someone who has to pay for all of their tuition and living expenses out of pocket will have a different threshold for assessing the value of university than someone who has received a significant sum of financial assistance or very favourable loan conditions. Therefore, it is impossible to say whether a university degree is objectively “worth it” without knowing exactly how much financial assistance is offered and what the terms of any student loans are.

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[P1] To calculate the value of a university course, you must know the investment. [P2] Different financial institutions, governments, and universities offer different financial assistance and loan packages. [P3] The value of a university course depends on the financial packages available to the individual student.

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