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Rent caps, which set limits on permissible rent charges or cap annual rent increases during tenancies, have been adopted by many cities as a way of curbing rising rents. But do rent caps actually work? Do they keep city rents affordable? Or are they part of the problem?

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Without additional legislation, rent caps are irrelevant.
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Rent caps are irrelevant without eviction protection

Without eviction protections, rent caps are useless. Landlords can circumvent the rent cap by simply evicting the current renter and replacing them with a higher-paying tenant.
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If landlords are free to evict tenants on a whim, rent caps are irrelevant.

The Argument

Even the strictest rent caps in the world are rendered useless if renters are not protected from arbitrary evictions. Without these laws, landlords are free to evict tenants at will and replace them with higher-paying tenants.[1]

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[P1] Without eviction protections, landlords can evict tenants to circumvent rent caps. [P2] Therefore, without eviction protections, rent caps are irrelevant.

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