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Should you give money to beggars? Show more Show less

For people fortunate enough to have extra money in their pockets, giving it away can be fraught with stress. The decision to give or not to give money to homeless people has real-world consequences. This question is not concerned with the legality of giving money, but rather with the moral and ethical dilemma that goes along with it.

No, you never know what they might do with it. Show more Show less

Once that money has changed hands, you relinquish control over what the other person does with it.
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They may gamble it away

A disproportionally high percentage of the homeless population have gambling problems.
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Addictive disorders amongst the homeless tend to be much higher than the general population. The Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs found that problem gambling was prevalent in 11% of homeless people studied, compared to 0.7% of the general population .

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