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Consuming meat is a big part of some diets around the world, particularly in western food traditions. However, with production being land and resource intensive, and with a number of environmental and health impacts to consider we must ask, is eating meat justifiable?

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We support the animal species by farming them

the meat industry means that many species are guaranteed survival due to their value to us

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In the past we have seen how many non-profits or governmental institutions use farms in order to protect endangered species by ensuring they feed and breed. The only issue is that reintroducing them into the wild can be problematic (as with zoos).

The Argument

The most populous species of animals on the earth are animals that we eat. This is because they have economic value to humans and so we make sure these animals are farmed, in this way they can be sustainably maintained and bred. Other than squirrels, bats, mice, rats and humans, the most populous animals are cows, sheep and pigs.

Counter arguments

A life as a farmed animal destined to the slaughterhouse at a young age is not worth it. There is little point in keeping a species alive if they do not live life as they mean to. Them just being alive is therefore not an excuse enough to eat meat.


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