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Is the human destruction of nature responsible for COVID-19? Show more Show less

As coronavirus infects more and more people globally, the question becomes why now? Why has the pandemic began now? Could it be that increasing levels of climate change and continued destruction of the environment are to blame?

No, destruction of the environment did not cause the coronavirus pandemic Show more Show less

While COVID-19 is devastating, it is not caused by environmental destruction.
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Pandemics happen

The Plague, Spanish influenza... Pandemics have happened periodically throughout history.
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The Argument

While the impact of COVID-19 is devastating, it is not unprecedented. The Plague of Justinian killed roughly 10% of the world's population at the time, and the Spanish Influenza pandemic that followed WWI infected 1.4 billion people and killed roughly half a million.[1] No matter how humanity treats the earth, pandemics will unfortunately happen. We cannot prevent them. How we now treat the environment has nothing to do with it.

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[P1] There have been pandemics throughout history. [P2] Therefore, the relatively recent dissemination of the environment by humans is not to blame.

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