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#CakeGate: can you refuse service on the basis of faith? Show more Show less

The cake that Colorado baker Jack Phillips refused to bake was the kindling that lit a nation-wide discussion in the USA. Can a business deny service to an individual on the basis of their sexual orientation? As the Supreme Court came to a verdict in favour of the baker, the narrowness of the ruling still left the question unanswered. The baker was quickly followed by others who stood up in solidarity of his beliefs such as the Richland florist and the Kentucky county clerk. The resultant discussion has pitted religious freedom against the civil liberties of same-sex couples and LGBT individuals.

Service can be refused on religious grounds, but not in all cases Show more Show less

The interests of the different groups involved ought to balanced differently on a case by case basis
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Some services warrant religious refusal

Not all services are as impersonal and transactional as cashing a cheque or paying for groceries, and that's important
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