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Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Financial Times that western liberalism is obsolete. Its obituary is being written by everyone from former Trump adviser Steve Bannon to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban and journalists like Edward Luce and James Traub. Authoritarian China is ascendant. Free trade, the rule of law, freedom of movement and toleration are in trouble around the world. So has the cluster of ideas known as western liberalism had its day?

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Liberalism is being replaced by Christian democracy

Liberalism is in favour of multiculturalism, immigration and fluid forms of the family. Christian democracy is against those things and is for that reason 'illiberal.'
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a speech in July 2018 that the generation of the post-communist '90s is replacing the generation of '68 and that its values are those of Christian democracy. He said Christian democracy is not compatible with the key tenets of liberalism and therefore should be considered 'illiberal.'

The Argument

At the moment economically progressive policies such as medicare for all, the green new deal, and taxing the rich at higher rates are overwhelming popular within the United States. This trend follows around the world. Yet at the same time socially conservative outlooks are also on the rise. Christian democracy is an ideology that balances both of these outlooks and as such may take the place of traditional liberal politics.

Counter arguments

Christian democracy is still fundamentally liberal as it balances representative democracy with a capitalist economic system



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