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How can I help others during coronavirus / COVID-19? Show more Show less

The coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic will impact people in deeply asymmetric ways. While many people have access to healthcare, robust immune systems and the ability to pay for, transport and store stockpiles of groceries, many others are not as lucky. How can those better able to cope help those more vulnerable?

Look after yourself Show more Show less

Charity begins at home: make sure you have your own bases covered before going out to help others.
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Look after your physical health

While becoming at one with the couch might offer some instant gratification, in the long-term looking after your mental health is extremely important.
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While it's much harder to get exercise while in isolation, it is worth trying to do so any way you can. Not only will it help your physical health, but will release endorphins. For ideas on keeping physically fit while in isolation, check out our map on it.[1]

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