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Healthy mind, healthy body. Mental fitness is just as important as physical wellbeing. We can't deny life can sometimes feel bleak without real life interaction. But introducing new habits can lighten those perspectives, and offer moments of calm when life seems anything but.

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With the Internet, there are more opportunities than ever before to stay engaged. Take them.
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Social isolation is a challenge for multiple reasons; one of the most prevalent is the sudden change in our day-to-day lives, suggesting we have no control over the world we live in. The feeling of powerlessness can lead to anxiety and low motivation.[1] According to author Leon F Seltzer, if we don’t feel understood, then it is unlikely we will feel appreciated within our community. Using our voices and feeling as though they land on someone, whether or not they entirely agree, is the greatest form of external validation. Yet, acknowledging that our voices are heard or serving as the receiver of another’s opinion, actually draws us out of ourselves and into a greater context. We are reminded that we are part of a collective; our voice both matters and is one in a million.[2] Parlia, the Encyclopedia of Opinion, (and the platform you’re engaging with right now!) is a space for the investigation of opinion. Parlia is a wiki, so it is edited by an enormous community of critical thinkers. If you feel like sharing a perspective or researching an opinion opposite to your own, sign up to become a member of this global opinion platform. Especially in quarantine, creativity and engagement of the mind is vital.[3]

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