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Is animal milk healthy? Show more Show less

Milk is a staple of the mammal diet, humans included. However recent studies and debate suggest that drinking milk past childhood is not healthy, and an array of plant-based alternatives have risen in popularity. Is milk healthy?

No, milk is unhealthy. Show more Show less

Milk contains harmful ingredients and can negatively impact health.
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Animal milk is unhealthy because it decreases bone growth and health

Although popular opinion suggests that milk improves bone health, milk actually contains a protein known as casein, which produces acid when broken down. This acid is believed to be responsible for the breaking down of bones, making them weaker, which can lead to them breaking more easily.
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The Argument

Milk is largely believed to improve bone health, but it can actually be harmful to it. The protein in milk, casein, produces acid when it is broken down. This can lead to weaker bones that fracture or break more easily.

Counter arguments

-Milk contains plenty of calcium to neutralize the acid it creates, and gives us enough calcium to promote bone health.



P[1] Milk’s proteins create acid when broken down.

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