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There are more than 300,000,000 guns in the United States. Guns have claimed the lives of more American citizens than all the wars since the American revolution put together. With guns holding a unique place in the American psyche, should there be measures in place to limit gun ownership? What should these measures look like?

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It is every American's constitutional right to bear arms. The government has no right to limit gun ownership.
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Good guys with a gun versus bad guys with a gun

Bad guys can always have access to guns even if it’s illegal. So you have to allow good guys to buy guns to defend themselves.

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The Argument

When someone is intent on committing a terrible crime with a gun, they will source it by any means necessary - whether they are illegal is immaterial. The only way to stop these crimes is if regular, law-abiding citizens are also able to own guns and can therefore protect themselves and others from terrible crimes.

Counter arguments

The world does not exist in the binary of 'good guys' and 'bad guys'. Even if ensuring everyone had guns did mean 'good guys' could stop 'bad guys' from committing crimes, this does not address all the gun deaths and injuries that are not the result of criminal intent, such as suicide and accidents. The fantasy that this would work, also, is a complete fallacy. Any number of things can go wrong with using a gun to deter a shooter, even if the intent is good. A bystander may be shot, or a criminal may just steal a 'good guy's' gun. The more people overall that own a gun, the higher the homicide rate.[1] Those who do own a gun are more likely to be killed or injured than those who don't.[2]


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[P1] Bad guys have access to guns and are going to commit crimes with them. [P2] The only realistic way to stop this is to ensure good guys also have guns in order to protect themselves.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] If 'bad guys' have guns, the government should ensure they take access away from them. [Rejecting P2] Giving 'good guys' guns does not necessarily ensure safety.


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