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Cambridge Analytica is a British political consulting firm. In March, allegations broke that CA obtained private information from an estimated 50 million Facebook users without their permission. This data was then shared with third parties, including Donald Trump’s presidential campaign during the 2016 US Presidential Elections. The issue has raised concerns about privacy in the age of Big Data, and has sparked calls to increase the regulatory oversight over firms like Facebook.

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Enough Already - let’s move over to, er, Instagram?
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Slowly ween off Facebook

Encouraging users to ween off of Facebook over time rather than deleting it straight away will allow users to breakaway from the platform without losing the connections they have made.
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Most people gradually reduce their usage an move away from Facebook. This helps people not truncate immediately their relationship.

The Argument

A solution can be to gradually reduce his own presence on Facebook. This will help minimize the impact and allow not to cut-off completely his own relations, and might allow to rebuild our network on a different platform.

Counter arguments

Today several social interactions go through Internet and Facebook is the main and almost only player. Moving his own network ona different platform might be difficult and a person might find himself cut-off.



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