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Whether binary or a spectrum, innate or a construct, or soon to be irrelevant, gender is one of the most divisive questions on the world's lips. Are there more than two genders? What are the sides to the gender debate?

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While it can be socially influenced, gender has been shown to be biologically compelled. Even when raised the opposite sex, an individual will still find the urge to behave in line with their born gender. Transition surgeries and therapies are meant to bridge gender incongruity, but result in higher suicidality.
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The social obsession with reassignment is hurting youths

The constant discussion of gender reassignment across society is actively damaging young people.
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Discriminatory Offensive


The Argument

Diagnoses of gender dysphoria have been on an exponential climb in the last decade, fueled by social obsession. Progressive doctors are making use of the momentum to prescribe expensive and agonizing transitions to children as early as eight years old. Youths and teenagers are having penectomies and mastectomies of perfectly healthy tissue. No child at such an early stage has the faculties or experience to make such life altering decisions. Anyone can think back to when they were young and remember what they were doing. Boys and girls fancy themselves as things other than what they are. Imagination and make-believe are a natural part of growing up, but we don't rush to convert them into a fairy or a unicorn. But this harmless fantasy is being used by doctors to virtue signal to their colleagues and tempt other prospective patients. Children are being mutilated for what essentially amounts to a fashion trend while the parents are shamed into capitulating with emotionally charged language. The real effects of the drugs employed such as Lupron are not yet fully known either, but various cases and horror stories have begun to emerge. Lupron is a medication intended for use in cases of prostate cancer and early onset puberty, not this. Applications like this are untested and unvetted by the FDA. Halting the natural process of puberty will have huge effects on brain development, bone growth, and neurology with conditions such as osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction and infertility in later life, delusions, and anxiety. We have no way of knowing the full extent of effects or damage these treatments may have. Meanwhile, doctors eager to fulfill an agenda or experiment are dealing in these dangers with impunity. Alternatives need to be considered.

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[P1] Healthy children are being caught in the crossfire of the transgender craze. [P2] The transition methods and drugs like Lupron have not been fully studied or approval by the FDA and their long term effects are unknown. [P3] Doctors may be manipulating children and families into lifelong commitments much too early. [P4] There seems to be a deliberate avoidance of birth-affirmative counseling and other long term non-invasive therapies.

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