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What are the pros and cons of political correctness? Show more Show less

Does PC culture stagnate a society’s progression, or does it set better more inclusive terms for everyone?. Is political correctness useful? Has political correctness gone too far?

No - Political Correctness is necessary and useful in our society Show more Show less

Political correctness defines society’s boundaries and ensures the safety of minority groups
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Those who oppose political correctness want to make their prejudices acceptable

The suggestion that ‘freedom of speech has gone too far’ is ‘a smoke screen for regressivism and accusing people of political correctness is an active attempt at devalidating them

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The Argument

Opponents of political correctness are trying to silence their competition. Rejection of political correctness as become an easy excuse to say bigoted and outrageous things. Just mentioning PC culture can tear down an entire, valid argument. Political correctness is in place so that people are held responsible for their statements. Those who use the phrase 'stop being so politically correct' are attempting to shed this responsibility. Then they are able to say whatever prejudice things they want, hiding behind the PC boogeyman. Some people have come to see political correctness as a symptom of the progressive liberal's fear of offending anyone. The right uses this argument frequently to devalue to real reasons behind political correctness.

Counter arguments

Sometimes political correctness goes too far, and a lot of people find it ridiculous. Instead of focusing on reprimanding other on insensitivities, people should focus on the issue being discussed. In many people's views political correctness must be actively fought against. This is because it is an attack that slows the discussion of difficult issues.


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