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Surrogacy is the carrying through pregnancy until birth of one couple's or individual's child by someone else. The science has advanced significantly in this area allowing for the choice of surrogacy as an option for many potential parents. Most countries have unclear legislation about surrogacy. Should surrogacy be legalized? Under what conditions should surrogacy be legal?

Yes. Surrogacy should be legal. Show more Show less

Everybody should have access to parenthood and women can decide what they do with they bodies.
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Surrogacy is a natural way to have babies who are wanted.

At least with surrogacy we are sure that parents have a real desire for a child.

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They is no permission needed to have babies naturally and some people who have children are unprepared to parent or do not want their children at all. On the other hand, people who use surrogates are undertaking an expensive and arduous process in order to have a child.

The Argument

The surrogacy process insures that parents have a real desire and motivation for a child. Many children are born to families in which they are not really wanted, but babies born to surrogates are clearly wanted and therefore are born into a more welcoming environment. Correspondingly, parents who use surrogates have been found to adapt to parenting more comfortably than children born to parents naturally.[1]

Counter arguments

Surrogacy does not guarantee that those who utilise it will be good parents - it is entirely possible that people will go through the process and still fail their children. Many people do not use surrogates for medical reasons, but instead because they do not want to take time off work or carry a child.[2] Additionally, the debate around surrogacy should be concerned primarily with the wellbeing of the surrogate, rather than the child.


[P1] Children born to parents who use surrogates are guaranteed to have been wanted due to the arduous process prospective parents have to go through. [P2] Therefore, surrogacy brings about children that are more likely to have a high level of wellbeing.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Surrogacy does not guarantee that users will be good parents.




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