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What are the views on the US - China trade war?

Donald Trump's protectionist economic policies led to the introduction of tariffs on $250 billion of imports from China. President Xi Jinping responded with tariffs of his own, affecting some $110 billion worth of US-made products. As the two global economic behemoths enter a trade war, what are the implications for both economies and the rest of the world?

The trade war is illegitimate

The trade war violates international norms

The trade war is legitimate

The trade war is a legitimate response to China's economic practices

The trade war secures American interests legitimately

China engages in unfair economic practices; America should protect itself Explore

The trade war is good for the US

The US has the upper hand; this is a war it is likely to win

US Businesses Will Thrive

The Stock Market Backs America

Stuff here Explore

The US will win

The trade war is bad for the US

The US should pick its fights better; trade war with China will harm US consumers and businesses

Fighting a Trade War Will Harm the US

The trade war is good for China

China is likely to win the trade war; it stands to benefit

Incentive for Market Expansion

When you take the US off the valuable trade partner table, China must look elsewhere for trade. Explore

China is more likely to win the trade war

Winning the economic war would have serious repercussions on both China and the world Explore

The trade war is bad for China

The trade war will place China at a significant disadvantage

Rising prices damage consumers and the economy

An inevitable result of the trade war is increased tariffs on necessary consumer goods - making life harder for consumers. Explore

Increasing tariffs on Chinese goods harm key exports

The impact of the tariffs will be most strongly felt in businesses Explore

The trade war is bad for the world

The trade war will harm international free trade and global economic institutions

Trade war undermines global economic institutions

The rules-based international order is good for all. A trade war is disruptive to it. Explore

Trade war causes regional economic harm

Economic harms spillover from China to the surrounding region via a contagion effect. Explore

The trade war is good for the world

The trade war will be beneficial to the global economy

Trade war improves China's economic practices

China sometimes engages in unfair economic practices; the trade war will change that. Explore
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