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What is theodicy?

Theodicy is the name given to reconciling the existence of God as a divine, benevolent, omnipotent being with the existence of evil. The existence of evil appears to contradict the existence of God. If an all-powerful, all-good being existed, then why would they permit evil in the world? The existence of evil must confirm that God is either not omnipotent, not benevolent, or non-existent. Theodicy attempts to answer the basic question of why God permits evil.
Ethics , Philosophy , Religion

Theodicy supports the existence of an all-powerful, benevolent God

The study of Theodicy effectively defends the existence of a benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient God.

Anything God creates is imperfect

Anything that is not God is by definition imperfect. Explore

Evils are reckoned with in the afterlife

Just because God does not eliminate evil in this plane of existence, does not mean God has not eliminated it in other planes. Explore

God understands outcomes in the way we cannot

God, in his omniscience, knows the outcome of everything. It is possible that he permits some evil acts because to prevent them would incur greater evil or prevent greater good. Explore

Theodicy concludes evil does not exist

Evil as morally bad acts does not exist.

We cannot see the benefit of “evil” acts

We perceive acts as "evil" only because we cannot see the benefits in them. In reality, these acts are not evil, but are actually "good". Explore

Evil is merely the absence of good

What we perceive as "evil" is not evil but the absence of good. Explore

Theodicy concludes God has ordained evil

God is the divine creator of all earthly phenomena. Evil exists on earth. Therefore, God has ordained evil and allows it to exist.

Humans have free will

God gave us free will. God accepts evil as a necessary consequence of human free will. Explore

We need evil to see God’s love

Without evil, we would not be able to see God's love. Explore

Evil is part of God’s plan

God uses evil as a divine tool. God has a plan. Once he has realized his plan, he will eliminate evil. Explore

God needs evil for an authentic relationship with humanity

God needs evil to offer an alternative to his love. Without a viable alternative, humans cannot choose God's love. Explore

Theodicy supports the existence of the devil

The only plausible explanation for the existence of both God and evil is the existence of another potent spiritual force that creates or encourages evil.

Evil and good are two opposing principles

God is all-good. Therefore, God would not create evil. The existence of evil points towards the existence of another divine being with the power to create and promote evil on earth. Explore

Theodicy cannot escape the nonexistence of God

Theodicy never manages to fully reconcile the existence of God as an omnipotent, benevolent and omniscient being with the existence of evil.

Evil and God are incompatible

The existence of evil is fundamentally incompatible with the existence of God. Explore
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