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Has the Trump administration responded well to COVID-19?

Government responses to emergency situations like the coronavirus outbreak can have a critical impact on the health and wellbeing of the public, and on the economy and society at large. So how have President Trump and his team responded? Will the American people benefit from or be hurt by the actions of the Trump Administration?

No, the Trump administration has failed in its response to COVID-19

Delays, botched testing kits, infrastructure degradation, half-truths, have all put the American public at significant risk, and made the dangers of the pandemic much more real.

Trump down played the risk of a pandemic

Trump said the coronavirus was a hoax

Trump closed the pandemic response unit

Trump delayed the response too long causing the crisis

Trump lied about the coronavirus risk and impact

Yes, the Trump Administration has responded well to the Coronavirus

The actions taken by the Administration have shown leadership, have calmed the public and the markets, and have shown good decision making in a difficult situation.

The goverment has passed stimulus to support businesses

The flawed US health and social system is to blame for bad preparation for COVID-19

The US Health system is flawed and not value for money

Large numbers of people with no health insurance

The health system is hospital focused

Huge disparities in wealth lead to a vulnerable population

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