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Is herd immunity the best way to beat coronavirus?

The British government is alone in the world in espousing herd immunity as a serious public health response to COVID-19 or coronavirus. They assume a high number of the population will inevitably get infected whatever is done, so their aim is to have as many low-risk people infected as possible. Since immune people cannot infect others; the more there are the faster we kill its exponential growth, and the easier it will be to treat the vulnerable. The WHO has criticised the approach, as have many others. Is the British government correct?
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Herd immunity is a risky bet

There are far too many variables to the coronavirus pandemic to have any confidence in the British government's policy of herd immunity.

Building herd immunity is our best defence against the spread of coronavirus

Since we cannot contain the virus, and most people will inevitably get infected, government policy is correct to 'manage' it towards herd immunity rather than attempt to contain it unsuccessfully.

Herd immunity will not work

The British government's approach to the coronavirus pandemic is counterproductive, foolhardy and dangerous

Herd immunity is irrelevant

Herd immunity is something that ensures public health through an immunisation programme

Herd immunity is not a strategy when there is no vaccine

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