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Do we need manned space flights?

Seeing a man on the moon was one of the coolest things of the 1960's. Since then, shuttle have been sending many, many people up to complete missions. These are costly and incredibly dangerous. Are manned missions economically viable or is it more effective to focus on less expensive drone missions?

No the complexity of space flights is too high

The cost and current obstacle are too high to envision manned expeditions

Space flights are not economically viable

It is difficult to think of a economic return with respect to drone expedition Explore

Still too many issues to be addressed with space flight

There are too many issues to be addressed from the technical & psichological issues Explore

No, space flights are too dangerous

The risks of a manned expedition are too high to make it viable

Psychological impact of space travel

A return voyage to an external planet will likely require several years in a small vessel Explore

The effects of a long term exposure to radiation

Astronauts will not likely be protected neither in the voyager neither in the trip nor in the permanence on a planet Explore

Probability of a space expedition failure is too high

A vast number of drone expeditions failed with the destruction of the spacecraft Explore

Yes, manned space flights are worth it

Manned expeditions even more costly provide an advantage towards a completely drone missions

The psychological impact of "being there"

Even if a drone mission can accomplish same targets, the fact of having a real astronauts is important Explore

People need to start colonizing other planets

An Extinction Level Event on Earth will not mean the end of mankind Explore
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