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What are the most effective working from home practices during COVID-19?

With offices around the world closed while we hunt for a coronavirus vaccine, millions are working from home for the first time. Adjusting to conference calls from your bedroom can be disorienting, but making small changes to your environment can energise and improve your concentration.

Behave as though you're going to work

Maintaining some of the practices you would usually undertake in the workday mentally prepares you for working from home.

Get dressed for work

Take off the pyjamas and put on the tie! Dress as you would normally for the office. Hoodies, begone! Explore

Set up an office space

Get up and out of bed. Creating a 'work zone' will help you make the mental shift from home to office mode. Explore

Take a break

Replace water cooler chat with regular breaks.

Have a lunch hour

Sometimes we all fall into the office trap of eating lunch at our desks. But carving out an hour in the middle of the day to get away from the screen, is an easy way to replicate office conditions at home. Explore

Take five

Take five minutes to walk around, or stretch your legs, every twenty five minutes. Experts call this the 'Pomodoro Technique'. It will alleviate feelings of being stuck in one place. Explore

Maintain regular hours

Without the commute back home, the structure of the work day is less rigid. Don't fall into the trap of working long beyond you would on a normal work day - it's the fastest way to burnout without realising. Set a reminder to stop working when you'd usually be off the clock. Explore

Go outside

If regulations allow you to go outside, make the most of it and get some fresh air. When you're running against a tough deadline, changing your environment can counteract stress. Explore

Sustain communication with your colleagues

You can take the girl out of the office, but you can't take the...

Incorporate video calls

Where possible incorporate video calls into your routine, to bring a sense of normality to your meetings. Explore

Ensure everyone is aligned

Checking in with your team each day to check everyone is working towards the same goals is crucial, as isolation can result in mental drift. Explore
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