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Is homeopathy effective?

Effective cure, or simply a placebo? Homeopathy has hit the headlines in recent times due to uproar over claims that it's an effective medicine. The debate rages on: quackery or remedy?
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Yes there are evidences that is effective.

Homeopathy has proven to be effective

Homeopathy can complement traditional medicine

Homeopathy should not replace medicine but supplement it. Explore

A huge number of people claim to have felt the effects of homeopathy.

Sheer numbers show that medicine is effective. Explore

No there is no proof that is effective

Homeopathic drugs have no proven effect

There is no scientific basis for homeopathy

The principle of "memory of water" is not supported by any scientific theory Explore

Accurate statistical analysis proves its inefficacy

A controlled statistical analysis shows there are no benefits. Explore

Homeopathy simply acts as a placebo.

Any benefits that one experiences are simply a trick of the mind. Explore

Homeopathy can provide serious threat

If homeopathy is used as a substitute of traditional medicine it can jeopardize health status

People can abandon traditional medicine

Allocation of public funds to homeopathy can be detrimental to research

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