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Should creationism be taught in schools?

Creationism is the belief that the God in the Bible created the earth and the sky and all the things that live therein in six days. There has been furious debate about whether this should be taught in schools. This is especially an issue in the increasingly fundamentalist USA. Creationism is often described in opposition to evolution.
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No, creationism should not be taught in schools

The church and state should be separated. It is immoral for schools to be able to teach creationism.

Creationism is a religious belief and should not be taught in schools

The church and state should be separate, and because of this religious beliefs should not be taught in schools along with scientific fact. Explore

Darwin’s theory of evolution is a scientific law

As Darwin disproves creationism, it should not be taught in schools. Explore

Creationism and evolution should both be taught

It can’t do any harm for both creationism and evolution to co-exist.

There is no problems with private schools teaching creationism

Private schools, which are not funded by the state, should be able to teach creationism if they choose. Explore

What harm can it do?

There is no harm in schools teaching both evolution and creationism and letting the children make their minds up. Explore

Yes, creationism should be taught in schools

Schools cannot simply ignore creationism; it should be taught in some capacity.

Creationism should be taught as part of a philosophy or world religions course

While it is not fitting for creationism to be taught along scientific fact, it should be taught in a philosophy or religion course. Explore

Creationism and evolution aren’t mutually exclusive

Both creationism and evolution can be taught in schools. Explore

Creationism should be taught in science class alongside other theories

Creationism is a legitimate theory, and should therefore be taught in tandem with other theories. Explore
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