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What are the forms of European anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is prejudice or hatred against Jews. Those feelings are tied to a number of different issues and express themselves in different ways. Unfortunately, these views still exist in places around the world.

Jews as Traitors

This wide category of anti-semitism sees Jews as 5th columnists, trying to undermine society from within.

Jews are 'Rootless Cosmopolitans'

The Blood Libel

Anti-Leftist anti-semitism

Throughout Europe and the US, Jews have been blamed for fomenting Socialism in an attempt to tear down Western society.

Socialism is a Jewish conspiracy

Jews foment social revolution to destroy society in order to then take power. Explore

'Jewish' Leftism undermines traditional values

Identitarian Anti-Semitism

Identitarian anti-Semitism believes Jews do not fit in with mainstream European culture.

Jews are dirty, weak, poor, uncivilised

Anti-Zionist anti-Semitism

Anti-Zionist anti-Semitism conflates criticism of the state of Israel with criticism of all Jews.

Anti-bourgeois anti-Semitism

Anti-bourgeois anti-Semitism sees Jews as representatives of the ills of industrialisation and modernisation.

Jews are 'too clever'

The Jewish character is manipulative and sly Explore

Conspiracist anti-Semitism

Conspiracist anti-Semitism attributes to Jews extraordinary powers of control over world events.

Jews control the Media

Anti-Capitalist anti-Semitism

Anti-Capitalist anti-Semitism sees Jews as representatives of globalised capital.

Religious anti-Semitism

Religious anti-Semitism, or anti-Judaism, attributes to the Jews a special, negative role in the Divine Plan.

The Jews killed Jesus

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