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Is a world without any borders a good idea?

Millions of people risk their lives trying to cross borders into other countries. Some are fleeing violence and persecution, others are looking for better economical opportunities or to be reunited with family members. What are the pros and cons of a world without borders?
History , International Relations , Politics

Yes, we should abolish all borders

There should be freedom of movement for everyone

Opening borders would help the world's economy

According to some economists, opening the borders could increase the world's GDP. Explore

Open borders would reduce deaths and suffering

Millions of people die every year as a result of trying to cross borders illegally Explore

Borders are a form of global apartheid

Borders preserve the priveledges of the wealthy at the expense of the poor. Explore

No, we should keep our borders

Getting rid of borders would be a bad idea

Opening the borders would endanger the people living in richer countries

There are many criminals and terrorists in other countries who would move to richer countries if they could. Explore

Getting rid of borders would destroy culture

Losing borders would mean losing your cultural identity Explore

Opening the borders would cause chaos

Opening all the borders would result in everyone migrating to the richest countries, these countries would collapse under the pressure Explore

Open borders would be like removing the doors from your home

When we put locks on our doors and fences around our home, we do so with the intention of protecting what we have created. A country has a culture that supports what it created, and borders help to protect that. Explore
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