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Should surrogacy be legal?

Surrogacy is the carrying through pregnancy until birth of one couple's or individual's child by someone else. The science has advanced significantly in this area allowing for the choice of surrogacy as an option for many potential parents. Most countries have unclear legislation about surrogacy. Should surrogacy be legalized? Under what conditions should surrogacy be legal?
Ethics , Health , Science , Society

Yes. Surrogacy should be legal.

Everybody should have access to parenthood and women can decide what they do with their bodies.

Surrogacy allows science to fix injustice

Some parents can not have children naturally. Science, through surrogacy, can fix this injustice. Explore

Surrogacy is a natural way to have babies who are wanted.

At least with surrogacy we are sure that parents have a real desire for a child. Explore

Surrogacy is a practical solution

If we do not legalise surrogacy, people will do it in poorer countries where women are exploited. Explore

Surrogacy is about a woman's body, her rules, and her choice.

Women can utilise their bodies freely, even if it is to sell it. Explore

No. Surrogacy should be illegal.

Commodification of human life is immoral and surrogacy is exploitative.

Surrogacy exploits women

Most women are forced into surrogacy by coercion or economic need. Explore

Surrogacy is immoral

Commodification of human life is immoral. No country allows the sale of human beings. Explore

Prospective parents should adopt instead

It is immoral to utilise surrogacy when there are so many children in the world without families. Explore

It depends: surrogacy should be legal only under certain conditions.

Conditions regarding the surrogate mother of the prospective parents.

Only altruistic surrogacy should be legal

If no money is involved, than surrogacy is pure generosity. Explore
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