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Is free software better quality than closed software?

There is no singular way to define the quality of a software; there are many ways to define it. It could be defined by user satisfaction, the efficiency of the code, or the software's technological impact. With this in mind, how does free software compare to closed software?

No, free software is not better quality than closed software.

Open Software more buggy because has problems with support and updates. Also usually poor UI (programmer for programmer without designers and real marketing)

Free programmers is bad way to support codebase of complex products

Free software is not priority

Even if free software created by large company, commercial paid product be prior Explore

Yes, free software is better quality than closed software

Free software is better

Free software does not equal open software

Free software can be marketing tool for other commercial ecosystem's products of the company. So free software might have good code support and design by paid human resources Explore
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