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Is Universal Basic Income a good idea?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a type of program in which people receive a regular sum of money without the requirement to work for it. Does UBI make sense? What are the pros and cons of universal basic income?

No, UBI is a bad idea

Universal basic income does not make sense.

UBI is financially irresponsible

UBI is unaffordable. Explore

UBI undermines social cohesion

Socially destructive outcomes occur when income is no longer connected to work. Explore

UBI increases economic inequality

UBI supplants programs targeted at reducing poverty, redirecting that funding to the wealthier members of society. Explore

Yes, UBI is a good idea

Universal basic income programs can work.

UBI allows everyone to meet their basic needs

Everyone should have the unconditional ability to meet their basic needs in life. Explore

UBI does not reduce incentives to work

UBI benefits are not withdrawn if a person works, so work is not disincentivized. Explore

UBI is simpler to implement than other forms of welfare

Because UBI is unconditional, it requires less testing and monitoring than other programs. Explore

Removes people's stress

Studies show (e.g. Finland, Denmark, ..) how it cuts away the stress AND NEED of bureaucracy and how people felt happier and less treated like ........, they had less stress symptoms, concetration and health issues, they trusted in their future more, and felt they had better societal influence for their lives. Explore

It depends on the amount of the UBI

Right-wing arguments for a low universal income. Left-wing vision for high universal income.
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