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Is it offensive for sports teams to use Native American mascots and names?

Teams like the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians have always used Native American imagery and mascots in their branding. Advocacy groups accuse them of cultural appropriation and playing on racial slurs. Are their claims justified? Is the use of Native American imagery a sign of respect for their culture? Is their offence justified?
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Yes, it is offensive

The use of native American names is offensive.

Damages young Native Americans' self-esteem

Seeing their culture mocked and laughed at damages the self-esteem of young Native Americans. Explore

Borne from racism

The names and mascots are borne from a place of racism, not respect. Explore

Historical baggage

Native Americans have a history of marginalisation and mistreatment in the US. Explore

Cultural appropriation

Native American imagery and symbolism in sports is a clear example of cultural appropriation. Explore

Spreads harmful stereotypes

The depiction of Native Americans in sports culture perpetuates harmful and prejudicial stereotypes. Explore

Offence is subjective

If Native Americans find it offensive then it is offensive. Explore

No, it shouldn't be a cause for offense.

These names are fine to be used.

Double standards

Using knights as mascots is acceptable. They are European warriors. Why would using Native American warriors as mascots be any different? Explore

A mark of respect

The teams employ Native American imagery and nomenclature as a sign of respect and honour. Explore

It can be tasteful

Many sports teams are sensitive to Native American sensitivities and use their imagery and symbolism in a tasteful way. Explore

Native Americans aren't offended

Those taking offence aren't the group impacted by the names and mascots. Explore
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