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How can we become a better world after the coronavirus pandemic?

Covid has inevitably created a recessionary crisis and Governments will be under intense pressure to restore growth. But if its growth at all costs And/or simply reverting to the way it was it will be a lost opportunity to seek a more equitable model. A model that is also attuned to the larger existential issue of climate change. Any new post Covid martial plan should focus on a progressive model the redress├ęs much of what is faulty and unsustainable. If not, this pandemic will be a forewarning of even more turbulent times to come.

Implement a Green New Deal

We need to tackle the biggest challnege facing humanity! The rethink allows us to address the climate crisis in a way that wouldn't have been possible before Covid-19.

Address Social & Financial Inequity

So much inequality is baked into our human experience... this must be fundamental to what we work on next.

Reform capitalism

The dominant form of commerce is what got us here in many ways. We must reimagine this system to avoid externalities that cumulatively lead to catastrophic collapse.

Respect Nature

Some say that disrespect of nature is what led to the current pandemic. We must build a society that puts that balances the needs of nature with human wants and desires.
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