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Are the Kardashians feminist?

The Kardashian's have built an empire worth over a billion dollars around their name alone. While some argue their entrepreneurship is inspiring for young women, others point to their sexualisation and fixation on appearance as evidence they are bad influences on young women. Are the Kardashians empowering, feminist figures? Or do they demean all that feminism stands for?
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Yes, the Kardashians are feminist

The Kardashians are wildly successful and promote the complete ownership of their own bodies without regards to societal taboos.

Successful careers despite misogyny

Kim Kardashian managed to turn a revenge porn sex tape into a brilliant and insanely successful career, demonstrating how even in terribly mysogynist situations women can prevail. Explore

Empowering female bodies

The Kardashians demonstrate that women can do as they please with their own bodies and even nudity can be empowering. Explore

No, the Kardashians are not feminist

The Kardashians only give lip service to feminism to profiteer from it.

Promotion of harmful products

The Kardashians promote products that make women feel ashamed of not fitting strict patriarchal beauty standards. For example, appetite suppressing products marketed to young vulnerable women. Explore

Cashing in on the movement

The Kardashians cash in on feminism when it's convenient. They use International Women's Day to sell merchandise that further funds their business empire - instead of using the opportunity to help other women. Explore

Kardashians promote the sexualisation of female bodies

The Kardashians are not feminist because their feminism is centred around the monetisation of sexualised female bodies. Explore

It doesn't matter if the Kardashians are feminist or not

The Kardashians are at best a pointless distraction and at worst directly harming Millennials and Gen Z.

Kardashians are a symptom of our obsession with wealth

The Kardashian rise is a symptom of this generation's obsession with wealth, and they make that worse. Whether or not they are feminist is at best secondary to that. Explore

Kardashian's pointless fame

The Kardashian are famous because of their wealth and because of a silly reality television show. They are not activists or progressing any worthy cause. Explore
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