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Should we break up the Big Tech companies?

The Big Tech companies - epitomized by the big four of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google - have grown to become some of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. This prominent status has attracted intense public scrutiny of Big Tech's sometimes controversial business practices. Various public officials, politicians, and regulatory bodies have expressed concerns about the potentially detrimental effects of having so much power concentrated in the hands of a few mega-corporations. In particular, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have been accused of being monopolies, of anticompetitive practices, and of breaches of privacy and personal data protections. Would breaking the Big Tech companies up solve these problems? Or is there a problem at all?

Yes, the Big Tech companies need to be broken up.

The Big Tech companies have gained strangleholds on their respective markets through anticompetitive practices, and they have proven they cannot be trusted with the immense power they wield.

Big Tech monopolies stifle innovation.

By preventing new companies from scaling up, Big Tech has disincentivized essential investment into new technology enterprises. Explore

Big Tech companies can't be trusted with people's data

Numerous incidents of improper data use, security breaches, and disregard for privacy have proven that Big Tech has too much power over data. Explore

Big Tech stops other companies from competing

It is practically impossible for other companies to break into the markets dominated by Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, because Big Tech has destroyed the level playing field. Explore

No, the Big Tech companies should be left as they are.

The rise of Big Tech is a free market success story, and the services they provide are indispensable to consumers.

It is good that the Big Tech companies are big

The large size of the Big Tech companies is a desirable consequence of the type of products and services they provide. Explore

Breaking up Big Tech would not be legal

Big Tech companies are not actually in violation of antitrust laws, which puts the legal case for breaking them up on shaky ground. Explore

Big Tech benefits research and development

The Big Tech companies make irreplaceable investments in research and development. Explore
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