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How can we stay mentally healthy in quarantine?

Healthy mind, healthy body. Mental fitness is just as important as physical wellbeing. We can't deny life can sometimes feel bleak without real life interaction. But introducing new habits can lighten those perspectives, and offer moments of calm when life seems anything but.
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Self care has become almost a parody of itself in the Instagram world. In reality, it extends a lot further than Korean skincare and HIIT classes. It's all about finding small ways to look after yourself.

Make time to unwind

Finding homeschooling your offspring unsettling? Regretting never learning your own times tables, while telling the kids they can't get through life without them?Days inside can be especially tiring; carve out an hour for yourself to take a break from the noise. Explore

Positive affirmations

Quackery? Hardly. Scientific studies prove positive affirmations can really improve the way you feel about yourself in times of distress. Explore

Take a break from the news

If consuming news is getting you down, switch it off. If you feel like you can't - put news alerts on your phone, to get the headlines, rather than the in-depth details on the virus' spread. Explore

Listen to music

Ain't no party like a party for one. It lifts the spirits, soothes the soul, and might even get your booty shaking for that extra bit of in-house exercise.

Scientists have shown music reduces anxiety

The conclusions of a 2020 scientific study showed that patients with high blood pressure and anxiety had their symptoms reduced when they listened to music. Give it a gander. Explore

Playing music

Multiple studies show that playing or practising an instrument can reduce anxiety. Maybe it's time to bust out the recorder after all these years? Explore

Relaxing the mind

Take deep breaths and think of England.


The future is uncertain. The past is a series of mistakes. Embrace the present with mindfulness. Explore


Sometimes we all need a break. Cut off from reality by adopting simple meditation principles that require nothing more than five minutes of silence. Explore

Staying engaged

With the Internet, there are more opportunities than ever before to stay engaged. Take them.

Make a Parlia map

Whatever your special subject is, share it with the world on Parlia. Explore

Listen to podcasts

There are over 750,000 podcasts available online, catering to all interests. These include many dedicated to wellbeing, mental health and relaxation, as well as pure, unadulterated entertainment. Explore

Virtual meetings

There are infinite platforms that exist to bring people together through video chat. Set up calls with your loved ones and party together without having to leave your bed. Explore
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