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Is the Earth flat?

The shape of the Earth has been the subject of popular and scientific interest for millennia. Are theories about the Flat Earth correct, or does the Earth have curvature?

Yes, the Earth is flat

Flat Earth theories are correct about the shape of the Earth.

The Bible says that the Earth is a stationary object and is flat

Many proponents of the flat Earth theory draw from biblical Scripture to back up their argument, which provides a specific interpretation that, to them, confirms their hypothesis. Further, because the Bible has been around for thousands of years and its essence has not changed, it must be the de facto truth. Explore

The horizon always looks level and objects remain upon a flat surface

Even from high up in an aeroplane, the horizon looks level to the naked eye. Moreover, when looking out towards the horizon, the land appears flat. Objects also appear to be on a flat surface, meaning that the Earth is flat as well. Explore

No, the Earth is not flat

Flat Earth theories are incorrect; the Earth is round.

The Earth has a round shadow

Lunar eclipses show the shadow of the Earth on the Moon, proving that it is spherical. Explore

Ships emerge on the horizon

Ships at sea appear to rise up from the waves on the horizon due to the curvature of the Earth. Explore

Different constellations are seen from different places

Constellations appear to shift toward the horizon as you move away from the equator. Explore
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