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Do films and TV series glamourize crime?

Films and TV series have always depicted violence. However, as the trope of the 'anti-hero' becomes more popular, as does showing violence on screen. Additionally, it is seemingly getting more violent and grotesque, especially as special effects allow violence to become more realistic. Is this just harmless entertainment? Or does it encourage violence in real life?

Yes, films and series glamourize crime.

Films and series are created with this specific sort of content for the Target Rating Point (TRP) without consideration for the impact on the audience, distorting the normality and basic values of the society.

The reel world is mistaken for the real world giving rise to copycat criminals

Curiosity killed the cat, or so they say. This saying is apt when describing copycat criminals who have been inspired by fictionalized narratives from films or tv series. In recent times, an increase in criminal incidents imitated from films and tv shows are seen all over the world. Explore

Anti-hero's charm

Popular films and series depict criminals as anti-heroes which makes them more relatable. Explore

No, films and series do not glamourize crime.

Films and series recreate a reality that already exists for authenticity.

Authenticity value

Several films and series are actually based on true events and real life characters. Explore

The Godfather Effect

The Godfather trilogy changed the way Italian-Americans saw themselves because they were the first films that didn't portray Italian stereotypes. Explore

It depends on who is watching.

The mature adult audiences might not be influenced but the more vulnerable or younger audiences who do not have the understanding, experience or exposure to make sense of it could be influenced.

Young audience

A young person can be easily impressed and influenced to participate in illegal activities based on a popular film or series. Explore
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